More about me …

ZX Spectrum

My very first computer was bought by my parents in 1988. It was second-hand and cost about two months‘ pay. This is where my first steps began and I am very grateful to my parents for that.

The second computer was the legendary Commodore Amiga. I got it in 1991 and I still own it in good condition. By that time, I was already in high school and became more interested in electronics and communications equipment.

Amiga A-500

And here are some other devices that gradually went through my hands.

It used to be my big dream to own at least one personal computer. And today we have over 50 computers at home in various forms. From watches, mobile phones and tablets, to TV boxes, smart TVs, heating controllers, to laptops, desktops, game consoles and ending with the home server that runs this website.


From the beginning, I didn’t just want to be a consumer of computer content and wanted to become an IT worker. But unfortunately, my school years were moving in a different direction, so I started learning to program and create graphics using a computer myself. This was not easy at all in times without the Internet and without the slightest knowledge of English. But with a dictionary in hand and a lot of enthusiasm, I started programming and creating graphics.

A passion and learning new things stayed with me to this day.