Games Logos Assembler

(still in early Alpha)



ArcadeWheels is a tool that tries to unify the images of games logos that are used in different FrontEnds (such as PinUp Popper, HyperSpin, etc.).

For example, when someone creates a picture to launch a pinball table in PinUp Popper and adds a frame to it, the end result is only suitable for someone because of the style of this frame or label on it.


However, if the graphic designer uses the Photoshop templates (frame, label, and fill) that I have prepared for these wheels, then the user can choose a combination that suits him or her.

Templates are freely available in the download DOWNLOAD section.

How It Works

After launching the application, the user chooses from the possible borders, their labels and fills. It is not necessary to choose everything. You can also export individual parts to a file, or even just a border without a description and fill.


The logo is not drawn as a whole, but is divided into three parts. Border, border label, and fill. And in this order, the program puts them together. Therefore, they must be formed in a way that allows such a composition.

This requires using a predefined template and trimming the fill exactly according to it. Likewise, any shadows on the fill must be removed so that they do not extend beyond the edge where they should not. You can see one of the already finished fillings in the side picture. (Notice the shadows that are just where they belong.)

All used images are in high quality 1500 x 1500 pixels, so they can be used for themes on high-resolution monitors.

(Click on the image to enlarge.)
(Click on the image to enlarge.)

Finally, after all the parts are stacked, the image is exported to the selected folder.